Ukraine: Shelling hits town near Russian-held nuclear plant


At least three Ukrainian civilians have been killed and over 20 wounded by Russian shelling in the last 24 hour period including an attack not far from a Russian occupied nuclear power plant The office of Ukraine's president since the Russians have fired over 120 rockets from grad multiple rocket launchers At the southern town of which is across the dnieper river from Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant several apartment buildings and industrial facilities were damaged Meanwhile drones are playing a crucial role in Ukraine's military operations in the myco live region where shelling from Russia has been escalating in the recent weeks A Ukrainian reconnaissance team named fireflies operates out of a derelict house They jump back into the room following an explosion The leader who goes by the nom de guerre baton tells the AP his unit is using drones to monitor and combat any Russian attempt to seize more territory in the region I'm Charles De Ledesma

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