Biden pushes 'ultra-MAGA' label on GOP as he defends record


President president president president Biden Biden Biden Biden is is is is defending defending defending defending his his his his record record record record while while while while upping upping upping upping his his his his criticism criticism criticism criticism of of of of Republicans Republicans Republicans Republicans as as as as being being being being ultra ultra ultra ultra mag mag mag mag the the the the president president president president says says says says he he he he knows knows knows knows voters voters voters voters are are are are frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated by by by by high high high high prices prices prices prices and and and and Washington Washington Washington Washington gridlock gridlock gridlock gridlock you you you you can can can can taste taste taste taste it it it it and and and and says says says says Republicans Republicans Republicans Republicans are are are are banking banking banking banking on on on on that that that that come come come come the the the the November November November November mid mid mid mid term term term term elections elections elections elections if if if if you're you're you're you're gonna gonna gonna gonna will will will will hand hand hand hand power power power power over over over over them them them them in in in an an an act act act so so so they they they can can can enact enact enact their their their extreme extreme extreme agenda agenda agenda he's he's he's taking taking taking aim aim aim at at at a a a plan plan plan released released released by by by one one one of of of the the the Senate's Senate's Senate's GOP GOP GOP leaders leaders leaders Rick Rick Rick Scott Scott Scott that that that would would would boost boost boost taxes taxes taxes on on on some some some of of of the the the lowest lowest lowest paid paid paid Americans Americans Americans the the the president president president argues argues argues that'll that'll that'll make make make it it it even even even harder harder harder for for for people people people to to to deal deal deal with with with inflation inflation inflation while while while his his his own own own plan plan plan will will will help help help them them them Scott's Scott's Scott's not not not buying buying buying it it it this this this present present present has has has no no no ability ability ability to to to deal deal deal with with with inflation inflation inflation and and and says says says the the the president president president should should should resign resign resign Sager Sager Sager mag mag mag on on on me me me at at at the the the White White White House House House

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