Inflation Bites Biden Again


A look. I want you to see this because Joe Biden is trying to spin this in a way that, frankly, I just find offensive. I told you he'd do it though. I told you he'd say, hey, guess what? Look at this shiny, bright little toy over here. We got an increase like you never seen in social security. We have that buddy. You have that because you got inflation that's totally out of control. Here we go. So folks. Seniors are going to get an inflation next year. For the first time in ten years, the social security checks will go up while their Medicare premiums go down. Here's my final point. We've got an election in the month. Voters have to decide Democrats are working to bring down the cost of things and to talk about around the kitchen table from prescription drugs to health insurance to energy bills and so much more. We're standing up for working people and the right to get a raise and get a better job. We publish a campaign every day on an agenda to raise your cost. Excuse me. I'm sorry, but the Democrats are somehow helping to alleviate concerns about gas prices. Again, excuse me, have you seen gas prices? I mean, this is a song and this is like, you know what this is like, this is like having James Taylor. Play at The White House to celebrate how inflation is lower when in fact it's actually higher. Is this like a reverse psychology thing? I'm sorry, guys. You know what? I'm tired of it. I really am. And you know what? It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work because Americans get it. Americans know how much they're paying at the gas pump. Americans know that they're paying nearly a 100% more. Just this year, since January, for a dozen eggs, I mean, this is out of control and this president needs to own up to what it really is about. And

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