Allison Gill: Justice Is Coming for Trump


You said many were worried the judge cannon and Donald could delay the DoJ classified documents investigation for months as it turns out the delay lasted 16 days. Happy Saturday, that was happy floppy. And I retweeted. Yeah. I have said this before Allison. We just had our mutual our shared hunk, Glen kirshner. On Friday. And I really do feel like justice is coming. And I don't know which front and maybe all of them and when, but it certainly is there is a lot, as you always point out, for all the people saying nothing's happening, nothing's happening. A lot's been happening. Yeah, quite particularly that the hammer that tis James brought down in 222 pages of a lawsuit against Trump and his crotch goblins. And I'm exceedingly excited about that one because that, honestly, I mean, if he gets indicted, yeah, he should be indicted. We need accountability. We need rule of law in this country. But you know, he'll get like three to 8 years, maybe, and because, you know, he doesn't have a criminal history, believe it or not, he doesn't have a rap sheet. And he probably won't go to jail, jail, he'll probably be on home confinement so he can continue to have a Secret Service. This New York attorney general Tisch James lawsuit is what will break him.

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