The FBI Has Become the Mafia With Kash Patel


This is not a novel challenge or issue. Nixon, there was a debate for years, for years, between the U.S. government, the national archives, and the Nixon estate as to which documents were personal and pertain to him and were to be kept by him and which has to be surrendered back to the archives. The way that was settled cash was years and years of litigation and discussions, never be correct me if I'm wrong. Never before in history was this question resolved by a raid by 30 FBI agents in plainclothes. Yeah, that's not how law enforcement works. And you know that's how politics works. It's when you have an attorney general who essentially is a beholden to the radical left agenda. And when you have a director and Chris wray at the FBI, who is beholden to nothing but his own ego, and fails to understand the simplest constitutional oversight requirements like you saw when he appeared before senator grassley last week to demand questions about whistleblower protection and also comment on the Russia hoax and he failed to do all of it. He failed to he didn't even know that some of his top lieutenants at the FBI were the same corrupt FBI agents who broke the law in the Whitman prosecution, which resulted in acquittals in the russiagate scam in the Hunter Biden hypocrisy, which was falsely labeled Russian disinformation. He had no idea to be reminded of that. And then he wanted to fly away on his private jet to his adirondack vacation home instead of answer questions before the United States Senate.

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