Joe Rogan Gets Cornered by Lex Fridman Over Trump


Friedman, this young podcaster big into technology, had Joe Rogan as a guest, which is unusual in and of itself on. And managed to very skillfully walk Joe into a trap of his own making by saying, why didn't you have Donald Trump on your show? You've got the biggest podcast in the world and Rogan says, not interested in helping that guy out. It's not my job. He's nasty. And then literally ten minutes later, he gets into admit, I love Alex Jones. I put him on my show so people could see the other side of Alex Jones. The guy who just got fined $40 million for lying about sandy hook. So this is part of our broader discussion, congrats to lex, by the way. Divisiveness or allowing people to say their viewpoint, shouldn't we welcome that? Because this is the biggest thing about Trump. Oh, oh, he's divisive. He's like, no, this is all. This is all, we have to understand what a monocultural we're living in. This is the thing that skews everything. If Donald Trump had three channels and the left had three channels, I would say, great. Let's fight it out, fight it out. But in fact, the left still holds the high ground, not just in the media, not just in every aspect, except for radio and podcasting. But not only there, but they hold it in terms of the government, obviously, and in terms of law enforcement now, corporations. This was you plugged my half speech before about the collapse of the establishment. That's what I mean. You know, it's one thing. It's one thing to have an avant garde or rebellious avant garde. Sometimes they bubble up fresh ideas and sometimes people like us conservators who ain't no, no, we can't do that. Okay, that's fine. That's part of the system. That's part of how it works. Young people usually a little bit more creative than older people, old people, steeped in tradition, which is also good. We don't have that system anymore. The

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