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AP sports I'm David Shuster Friday was a busy night at Major League Baseball and no one was busier than the Toronto Blue Jays who kept hitting and scoring is a clobbered Boston 28 to 5 They scored 11 runs in the 5th inning They had 29 hits on the night and not one but two players with 6 RBIs Elsewhere Aaron judge keeps hitting home runs two more Friday night giving him 36 on this season The Yankees beating Baltimore and out in Seattle Houston ended the Mariners win streak at 14 the other ale winners Cleveland Tampa Bay and Oakland Over in the national league you Darvish out dual Max Scherzer as San Diego beat the mets four to one the other NL winners Cincinnati Miami Arizona Milwaukee and the Dodgers Pro football quarterback Deshawn Watson showed up at Cleveland's training camp but neither he nor the browns know if the NFL will suspend him college football the NCAA has charged Tennessee's program with 18 level one alleged violations and in hockey Calgary dealt Matthew kachak to Florida for Jonathan huber dough and Mackenzie Uighur I'm David Shuster AP sports

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