Adam Mill: How Do We Get Rid of the FBI?


Goes into a lot of band aids We could use to kind of at least in the short term repair the FBI which I think has to be abolished at this point But at least things that would help move the football along a little bit First he describes the problem Just like Ron Paul did and the clip we opened up the show with You want to hear that clip again you can check it out on the podcast today have it there Adam mill notes politicians fear the FBI because of its ability to plant and spread stories with the imprimatur of the bureau as a source You know you see a starring a paper Jim verdy robbed the Jimmy John's of a gargantuan That's nonsense No no someone in the FBI toe Oh wow Mike you better get to that Jimmy John No more gargantuas left Jim stolen You FBI says it You see the power of the FBI to leak to the media But that's not it Mill goes out That's not the only thing Mill goes on When the FBI sees a candidate engaged in Rio corruption however it seems to do the opposite running interference with the news media to protect that candidate by suppressing news stories or characterizing politically inconvenient stories as Russian disinformation Oh that never happened Actually it just did with Hunter Biden So he lays out the problem along with other things I talked about before abusing databases spying on political candidates paying spies to spy on political candidates Using leaks using foreign governments planting stories in the paper I mean the litany of FBI abuses is just too much to overcome It's time to disband them at this point But if we can't disband the immediately here are some potential fixes He talks about step one They need to register their contacts with political figures This is a great idea This is from mill's piece in American greatness He says one solution might be to demand the political candidates a pledge to publicly disclose any attempt By any member of the FBI to gain leverage over that politician

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