Where Is Merrick Garland?


Where is Merrick Garland? You would think that after you raid a former president's home that you would at least get a press release, you'd think that the DoJ would mention this in passing silence, nothing. You go to justice dot gov, they have this Justice Department establishes reproductive rights task force. Justice dot gov, they have clicks of links of COVID-19 relief fraud scheme. Massachusetts construction company owner indicted for tax crimes. Okay. Nothing about the raid of a president, to give an idea of how extraordinary this raid was, it was a 9 and a half hour occupation, including over 30 agents, equivalent equivalent of a 180 man hours where Trump's staff were literally kicked out of Mar-a-Lago and now we're just waiting waiting and anticipation, where is Merrick Garland? And sun tzu's art of war, there's a great quote that says 1 may know the condition of a whole army from the behavior of a single man. Now, the silence is something I didn't anticipate. The raid surprised me to some extent. The timing of it. But generally, when I thought about it, we predicted here on this program. But Merrick Garland being the attorney general of the United States owes the country, hey, how did this happen exactly? What was the reason for it? Why could you have not issued a subpoena? Why a raid? Just everyone understands a raid is only necessary if you believe a crime is currently being committed or property is about to be destructive. Donald Trump was not even at Mar-a-Lago.

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