Trump Wants 'His' Documents Back


Trump is asking the Supreme Court to give his documents back which are our documents not his documents and also he belongs in prison for it because the classified and probably nuclear secrets. Okay, good. Your thoughts? Yes. No clear. Well, they gotta give them back. First of all, they were planted, so that's why we need the back. Just to replant them where they were planted to show you if they were planted, so we got to get them back. Many people have said. We just played that. Him saying they're planted again, which of course his lawyers are never going to say, because you can't lie like that in court. Okay, this from The Washington Post piece aides who worked with Trump's White House were not surprised this summer when the FBI found highly classified material in boxes at Mar-a-Lago mixed with news clippings and other items. They had seen such haphazard collections before. During his four years in office, Trump never strictly followed rules and customs for handling sensitive government documents, according to 14 officials from hence administration. Most of whom, of course. Insisted on it. Until I guess their book comes out. To discuss what they call Trump's mishandling of classified information, he transcripts of his calls with foreign leaders as well as photos and charts used in his intelligence briefing to his private residence with no explanation. He demanded the letters he exchanged with Kim Jong-un, he kept close at hand so he can show them off to visitors, documents that would ordinarily be kept under lock and key, mingle with piles of newspaper articles in Trump's living quarters and in a dining room he used as his informal office. Someone Carlos was talking was it Ben Rhodes saying, it is always that he is his entire life, thought the rules don't apply to him, right? That Ben Rhodes said, whenever you put these in a burn bag and they are burned immediately, that is how in every other administration, this kind of material was handled.

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