A thirty four year old michael gambine


A thirty four year old michael gambine charles gray oh 007 yes yes he we played blow field he was blow feld in diamonds are forever it's right yeah he played the criminal gist in rocky har uh any also played mike croft homes on the jeremy brett granada sherlock series i'm sure he was great at that yeah yeah yeah he was great it was terrific and everything he is dry as a bone yes man this is a very dry british film uh as is one might expect in it's a it's a wear wolf whodunnit based in large part on the agatha christie a book in movies and then there were nine so the film climaxes with a scene in which everyone gathers in a parlor and they're tested with i think a silver candlestick they pass it around to see whose aware walton and this is the only movie that i know off to feature a wear wolf break this is a brief intermission for the audience to discuss theor theories on who the where wolf is and then vote on the where wealth before you get the biegel reveal in the movie now the really great version of this would be that the audience vote determines which real they load into the projector and becomes the where wolf in the final seen yeah i'd i'd the that was not the case though it was due to just a chance to discuss what you thought about the about the the movie up to that point but i feel like we need more where wolf breaks in our films even a non where will films right say for instance you're watching glengarry glen rice the movie yeah okay there no actual worlds in it but there i think it's constructive to have a point where the audience talks about who might be aware wolf while there's a there's a burglary seen like he adds a pause to discuss film and everyone pauses and goes into a extremely profanity laced discussion about who broke into the office and stole those leads right.

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