Charomei like enron operator director photography and southern


When you approach a script do you just do a slow read through and visualize everything and taken odin think okay this moment i'm feeling bits went at one point the something like that come to you for me i am a slow reader to begin with melania approaches script it's almost than analysts processed at the beginning because i can't stop visualizing okay where's the behavior where are they in israel where how is this dental work what is the top location and i do i see it in saudi graphic terms i came from being charomei like enron operator director photography and southern i also studied acting true you know a time i was a very good josh but by not but i i said it hasn't held me back shouldn't have velde uber but i was told by the guy getting right first directing assignment was a guy that sharing that law and order in each after was already at direct equal the it was off as he sat me doubt is it so you want to be an actor i said yes he goes you could be an actor is it really he goes yeah you could make a living is it actor as it really he goes he yet knotted the living so i gave me a directing assignment at that moment and that was an incredible gift but where what we i do i read through it i said visually almost immediately but then i go through the room and i kinda want the one thing i was struck by by watching the second episode of this thing is how simply it's put together it's actually there's not a lot going on and is not the normal west's way energy of it it was just for me sort of responsive to the peace i just really for the most poor it as a director at brad woodforde once said to me you know he of what you will who.

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