Because she was in so many of this movie so we had always the jerry lewis laid


Of the way he spoke so maybe someone sat down and agonized over the perfect words i don't know nevertheless nevertheless lewis' uh a man whose body away work transcends not only film and television with but many forms of television to me he came me for for many the first generation of television watchers he exploded into stardom as a result of the colgate comedy hour which of course not only introduced him but tuesday audiences to martin and lose dean martin and jerry lewis and it was basically an extension of their nightclub back at the time and from the colgate comedy hour they did all the movies they did for paramount i believe is if remember correctly and ya and even though martin and lewis went there set peru ways around fifty five fifty six and jerry lewis made his presence known in many aspects of film and television not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes very much as a matter of fact haruna was almost a character in some of those movies because the arch the famous param arch was use it a few of them i think italy errand boy was coq pera mutual studios my favorite saying that i eat their certain seems you wait for comedies because so many comedies or a series of a set pieces and i love the scene and uh as a sort of like a smooth of the singing of the rain dubbing seen where uh there is a uh a romantic love song edits lover by rogers in heart and they had kathleen freeman who used to call the jerry lewis lady because she was in so many of this movie so we had always the jerry lewis laid eyes she was play the the s offscreen singer the marty nixon even though she wasn't really saying which ironically was the same case and singing the rain debbie reynolds was not really singing but she was dubbing for getting hagen in that particular seen she was singing the rest of the world we went through is dubbing was actually not hurt anyway there were dubbing lover and we saw it all the way through properly done but then when jerry lewis is character got into the studio search wasting knobs and stuff later on with everybody was watching it in the screening room and.

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