Letterman doesn't miss being king of late night 'for a second' | Venue


Teams they would miss or having him in the lineup that chris paul would miss starting saturday night in if he's out for a full month i looked at the calendar it's the mavs the grizzlies four times all four times the sixers twice the hornets the knicks the hawks the jazz the cavs the pacers the raptors in the sons i see maybe two losses in their big freaking deal if chris paul misses a month in fact i hope he does he'll be fresher for the playoffs and he will destroy whoever's in front of him who's already been playing for a month when he final returns in his knee is right that murderers' row i just went down literally there might be to losses maybe three if you want to say the hawks are still going to give the rockets a problem i see the jazz and i see the cavs as being a problem you should win every single one of those games without chris paul and comfortably at that and i don't know i won't but i just i enjoy it yeah honest there where you come from with this what i mean that there's a ton increases 5 of your we all know dan it's only arosa seven eightman rotation and 5 of those pieces of your top eight men in this lineup have come here in the last two years the new orleans guy his in eric gordon ryan anderson this year not only chris paul but luke bomb moods a and pj tucker the positive side if you wanna go glass halffull pj tucker bob move say they get the continue to to get their legs underneath oh i think both of those guys will play huge minutes while paul is out i think they will become four comfortable also missed an amount that the beginning of the season vast not gonna cute doubt they'll the dow stretches this is going to be a playoff team shot if this rockets seems not a playoff team weather paul misses a month or not is just out of eighty twogame season that's not going affected that much debt the being said i would prefer chris paul to go ahead and be endless office over the next month get distort gelling together with james harden with far mood and clint cappella and ryan anderson and the.

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