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Sports radio update with kevin dexter sports fled fate jan pack tonight in the nba we begin in dc on marqui matchup between the cavs and wizards there at halftime and cleveland with a seventy four sixty six lead at the break lebron james twenty four points to lead the way for cleveland derek rose has eighteen bradley beal martian gore todd each with thirteen for washington elsewhere in the association pistons with a sixty nine fifty four lead over the bucks in the third quarter bolt was out to a sixty seven fifty eight lead over the six inch you'll magic there also in the third and pacers but the two point edge over the seventy six series 74 72 secondquarter rockets but the sixty to forty six lead over the hawks and the knicks all over the sun's fifty four thirty chill in new york ezekiel elliott will be on the field when the cowboys n chiefs meet on sunday elliott granted a stay by the us second court of appeals today so a sixgame suspension once again on hold the panel of judges will meet next week to hear elliott's request for an injunction college football number 23 memphis out to a seven to nothing lead over tulsa midway through the first quarter and houston today the astros celebrated their world series championship with a parade for the franc fell the fans an mvp george spranger pumped up.

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