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Compete and weighed a world series title he's arise markazi you can find him on twitter at his name is p and senior rider in los angeles thank you rush based on of him coming up the home he errand dots in from the undefeated joins us we're gonna talk about movies nick candidates hilarious a is coming up next on clinton yates fillon of rabbani jones is the right time when he is been radio the right time with the money back to the right time we put money jones my name's clinton aides filling in here on a friday is your radio was presented by progressive insurance and all guests on the right time appear via the show pens or performers line on southbound right now is the home e aaron dotson from the undefeated a was good brother housing things are going well you might know erin from his work writing as well as his features on sports centre on saturday morning but right now we got to talk about the last thing wrote headlined halftime is game time in oral history of drumline told me a little bit of us for personal history with movie drumline 'cause it's fifteen years old and eu aid that will so yeah it came out in two thousand two which means i was only nine years old but i grew up in a concert may and i played the trump did and i just remember vividly seeing that movie in loving it was attracted to the ban aspect of it because they're had it really been a film before that about a marching band by this remember caller they love with devon miles the the character doesn't miles played by nick cannon and that was one of his first big movie roles in it it's just a pretty epic film um that i really cherish for much how.

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