NFL Sunday Week 7 - The Super Bowl Hangover 10-22-17


If seem to leak into this season i mean the game against the dolphins the other week wh was inexplicably bad against the team in a dolphins offense especially that's been such a train wreck through the course of the season at least defensively the dolphins can say all right that's an outfit that you understand may be giving the falcons a little more trouble they've been objectively good through the first portion of the season and then the new england patriots won defense are unrecognizable i think it was the top scoring defense in football last season and route to the super bowl and this year they have just done nothing but yield three hundred guard passer they have become the last couple of years version of the new orleans saints defense one that actually seems to have kicked it into a new gear the season which is strange an odd for us all the kind of have to come to grips with but like that seems to be the patriots side of things now that seems to be their defense now so in this game it sort of these stoppable force meets the movable object in the atlanta falcons offense and the patriots defense and it's waiting to see which one of these winds out and we're probably going to try and act like whoever does went out is fix going four based off here but this is probably one of those situations where we need to understand that this is just both inherent weaknesses of these two teams right now or at least areas were relative to what they were in past seasons especially it's going to be a tough one got detroit in houston.

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