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Habit teat but don't benefit from a lot of the financial protections that you get by being married i'm these are just up a whole bunch of new challenges that millennials are dealing with in greater numbers than we've seen maybe chen extras or even baby boomers deal with and juries out on how it's all gonna go down um but you know the thing i do admires about admire very much about millennials that we really build things on our own terms and i think that's really great you just me he picks up the responsibility that comes with it and that responsibility is facing our financial lives are taking ownership of our financial choices in our financial future absolutely and with technology now i'm just thinking obviously being responsible financially as it is a huge thing and coming out of college a lot of kids now have have a lot of debt in that is interesting this is the first time i've heard it as a reason that people are delaying marriage obviously there's a bunch of reasons that the culture shifting but certainly if fear racked with six figures in debt it's not the first thing on your mind it's more like all right i got to get a job in work in in your you might not be on the dating seen because of that so it's interesting and then i was also thinking like now going back to what we are talking about earlier tis dating and navigating the ins and outs of that with finances but with apps now like the cash app and there's like was at zero.

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