The secretary of state call the president moron and now there's a press conference well there is


And am 13 that has a report out that claims that there is a definite leash our relationship between president trump and his secretary of state rex tillerson now a senior administration officials who again just leak like serbs i don't know why in the world we cannot get people in trump's orbit to stop leaking to the mainstream media but at least a you know according to this report things got so bad between tillerson and the president that tillerson almost resigned over the summer uh nbc reply i i just had a comment from somebody on my team erik hanson who said a wearing crazy times because i literally just had to tease well there's a report that the secretary of state called the president a moron secretary of state is about to hold a press conference will carried for your life not in any other time you think i was in a in a i was against in an institution broadcasting to my into by hand the secretary of state call the president moron and now there's a press conference well there is uh the the moron remark accorded nbc news and the other sources came in response to trump saying that during the white house meeting that he might fire his top us commander in afghanistan the tensions came to a head around the time president trump delivered a politicized speech in july the boy scouts of america that's an organization rex tillerson once led tillerson was in taxes for his son's wedding when trump gave the speech reportedly threatened to not returned to washington although he was convinced otherwise by general john kelly and defense secretary mattis um so now apparently tillerson's about to give a statement and i have a hunch might gas is he's out and if this report is correct it seems to me that you know he's going to resign and maybe he was resigning a little bit in the way the tom price resigned see you later i don't know the dr price actually resigned i think that the he was likely pushed out by the administration because of the optics of the plane on military jets uh for personal use all of which was greatly exaggerated and blown out of proportion it had been done in previous administrations and as i understand it secretary prices travel had been approved in advance she did everything the right way but it looks bad you gotta go i don't know so now.

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