My interest in anger stemmed from a variety of areas

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I realise over time that my interest in anger stemmed from a variety of areas professionally i worked as a teacher in the elementary school on the south bronx for six years and i tell people i learned about my own anger is were huzzah hangar who had dealing with children and but i really became more interested in personal l from washing my parents it wasn't like they were rachel hall ex but they really kind of pick that each other consistently and uh i think they held each other responsible for a variety of decisions they'd made so i think that was a seed for me wanting to help people move uh shunned arguing to discuss things so more straightforward to be able to discuss things clearly to lead a more fulfilling life and do have a better relationship that's really at the root of a lot of why it's so hard to relate is is this conflict in in anger and what triggers us and i know personally and seren eyes relationship i find that my anger in i don't consider myself a an overly angry person but definitely have things at trigger means set me off but that that is really a especially with us and i'm sure a lot of our listeners that is one of the b obstacles uh in our relationship that were always trying to improve on i know i am in fact it's yesterday we had a bit of a discussion in some conflict up resolve around my anger so we're going to focus on that today in talk about resolving conflict in in a lot of that being.

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