The composition of the gases coming out of the surface


The the composition of the gases coming out of the surface so we had one point in the search as we knew very well and then with the rest of the mission we could use the radar look in the near infrared and map the rest of titan and put it in context with his one point from wigan so that was very valuable and also as we went down to the atmosphere ground truth also for the composition of the atmosphere the pressure and the all of the things that hooligans could do uniquely on the surface the atmospheric density which um the the engine years in the scientists came up with different type densities it tightened because we use the thrusters in in in the scientists were using i in in this the the best picked romer that got the last day that saturn and we had a we had a huge factor difference in you know wiggins provided the ground truth on that one two i don't think there any after biologists up you're on the stage made we have some of the audience but i know asked about all of his who are actively considering how life could exist in this place beyond frigid obviously wouldn't be life is we as we know it do you fly in this line of research interesting i find it very intriguing could you have life that could use liquid methane in place of liquid water and have the chemistry that you need it's cold there it's it's not as efficient to use methane compared to water but there is a possibility and they've been calculations by us ezra biologists in the very intriguing very interesting to send a boat into one of these tightened seas and make some measurements to see you just what you find their the caesar really are very deep onto the shell how deeper the seasonable the thumbed within a tree and we know this summer bottle schumer one hundred meters on one of them that leads so they're they're not the shower bombs they really are i think like in them to the volume of the great lakes writers is about the same depth of the great lakes about the same size as the great lakes huge tremendous volume of methane and this was something we didn't know we could do we we bounced the.

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