Defendants especially in murder trials

Sword and Scale


You know i mean i had cases were there with selfdefence where a child was abusing the perrine or siblings were abusing each other and things escalade and someone picked up at night for someone picks up a gun and then you know there's a tragedy but none of that happened in this day and i feel they awake at night thinking what was the jury thinking why would she do that some acts are far too inhuman to have an explanation some cases are far too outside the norm to be able to assign a reasonable motive it will this is one of them the only person that could possibly tell us what happened inside ramsey scruples condo between the dates of january 25th two thousand fourteen and january 30th two thousand fourteen was done a screed vo herself defendants especially in murder trials rarely testify and they are not obligated to but on friday may 15th 2015 datta's grieve oh was called to the stand by her defense attorney mark hadad with very rare i could probably count on one hand a quiet who did take the stand typically i would advise against it as i did in this case i thought we had plenty of reasonable doubt without her taking the stand she didn't do herself any favors she didn't survive crossexamination very well and she was pushed the anger time five at prosecutors aggressive cross examination you know if life came with doovers and i had one that's probably one thing i would do in the case would probably have done more could weighed her from custody fine but ultimately that decision is up to the defendant talked of at least a client decision most of the time they take your advice and most of the time it's a no brainer most of the time if you have a defendant have a you know a prior history of involvement with the police you know prior trouble if easy you don't take the stand has done that stuff can come out.

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