The tax impact. So we sold a million dollars worth of stocks and we realized 500,000 capital gains and then what we did is we put That 500,000 of capital gains into an opportunity zone fund and this is going to reduce his capital gains by 500,000 the amount that he put in so we won't owe any taxes this year on the gains Now, the tax cuts and jobs acts of 2017 creates a huge financial tax instead of for investments in designated areas, called Qualified opportunity zones. These zones are both inner cities and rural areas, and each state has the ability to designate the areas that qualifies opportunity zones, and those areas must be certified by the U. S. Secretary of Treasury. Now an entity such as a corporation or partnership may register as a qualified opportunity. Zone fun provided that at least 90% of its assets are designated an opportunity zones. Now, when you do the math, it's

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