Professional Poker Player Johnny Vibes on Getting in the Game


I bring to you live cash game crusher and youtube phenom johnny vibes. Welcome to the show sir how you doing. I'm doing well nice to meet you and happy to be on nice to finally meet you as well and you know typically on this show we start at the same place and that place is where you know. Tell me the story of how you got involved with playing cards. Oh man so Is still so long ago. Now i've been in the game for about fourteen years Primarily playing for a living that entire time to you I just turned forty last week. Oh god is that a congratulations is not as i feel good. I felt fine with it. You know married. I'm happy with the place that i'm at live so it wasn't a somber birthday yet. i think the my path to poker was similar to a lot of people that are kind of in this time frame that like in the forties rain or thirty five to forty range. I was introduced from my brother who was like really kind of drawn. In by the moneymaker he started playing. Like in two thousand and four right after the that when it was always on. Espn he was like the right time frame. In his life he was eighteen. Nineteen years old playing in his friends baseman. And things like that. I had I had gotten a two year degree and In computer science. I was writing software for a company in indiana and we were living together and every day he would come home and he would hop on. I would come home. And he was on the computer. Just clicking buttons on party boker and pokerstars stars all these things in my mind. I'm like bro. you're just like what are you doing. You know like. I gave you the path i went to college. I have a job now. I'm making fifty thousand dollars a year in indiana. You could be doing this if you just quit. Throwing your life away on poker and It was a little bit of a back and forth on the older brother at. I'm supposed to be guiding him but slowly by slowly. I kept realizing that he was angry for life significantly through poker so i i started to open up my mind a little bit around and kind of watching him and he was like mentoring me without even knowing it

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