Please Stop Me From Cheating


Believe stopped me from cheating. This even surely i am a fifty three year old man and i have been married for going on twenty five years. My wife and i used to have an active sex life but for the past few years the magic has been happening less and less and now we do it once or twice a year. I've talked to her about it but she always seems to make up excuses. The one i hear the most is that she's not in the mood. Because i've made her mad about something or she'll say something like if you picked up your clothes off the floor sometimes then maybe i would give you some on those rare occasions. When we do have sex it has become so boring. She just lies there until it's over sometimes is so terrible. I just rushed to complete the job lately. I find myself on adult sites online looking for one night stands and hanging out at my favorite bar talking to women. I love my wife. And i think she loves me but i also like sex. I work overnight so me not coming. Home is an unusual. So far i've met up with one woman from my past and we just had an oral exchange but nothing else. I don't want to continue this behavior. But i don't think that my wife even cares anymore this lady from my past that i fooled around with wants to give me more but i'm not really into her like that. There's another lady that i work with and we've interacted a lot. I have told her about my situation and she's willing to help me out. She's single instead. There would be no expectations on her end. That's ideal for me right now. I'm praying for strength. Not to step out on my wife and i have needs and i think it's only a matter of time. Am i justified in my actions. I cheat on my wife. Please advise all right. I'm going to say this. No there is no just a chicken justification to cheat. I got it. Everybody has needs all of that. We all have needs. But i'm not going to give you an out here. I'm just

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