Nature Makes GMO Fish


Skeptical of aqua bounties fast-growing salmon while nature makes genetically modified fish to next up. Why the effort to find a quote biological basis for being transgender is misguided and harmful and finally cure for sickle cell diseases inches closer with the launch of a major gene. Therapy trial very exciting stuff. But first up kevin. Let's talk about Natural gm fish apparently. Yeah this is really cool and this is a report that came out in. Cbc news which is canadian broadcasting company usually not writing very favorable things about genetic engineering because this isn't genetic engineering unless it's genetic engineering that nature did so the story goes back to a couple of researchers at queens university. A lorry graham and peter davies found this evidence a while ago now that there was this antifreeze gene that helped the rainbow smelt live through freezing temperatures so super cooling fish and some other organisms can endure temperatures below freezing because of a mechanisms that keep their cells from forming ice crystals. What interesting stuff going on there and if you think about it. These are cold-blooded so when it gets below freezing you have the risk of freezing so years ago. Probably a decade and a half. I guess they found this evidence that there was A this gene that that didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense that that it that it looked like a in so we go over now to herring and smelt How was this hearing. Gene ending up and smelt the last time that they were related was by extremely distant ancestor. They said by the article article here. Two hundred and fifty million years ago so that was like the carbon difference period so these two individual lineages of fish split off pretty early a back before dinosaurs or you know and so this really cool so well same time as early dinosaurs.

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