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Hey everybody just wanted to jump on here before the show starts because i am excited about the oscars which have not happened yet and you will hear this episode after the oscars happen so i tried to keep the oscar chat to a minimum. But right now. I'd like to quickly for anybody who cares. Give you all of my predictions for who's gonna win. Which has already happened by the time you hear this. Live action short to distance strangers. Documentaries store concerto is conversation animated short opera international feature another round documentaries feature time song from a motion picture speaking now from one night in miami musical score soul visual effects. Tenet sound sound of metal editing. Sound of metal makeup marines. Black bottom costumes marines. Black bottom soon. Retargeting nomad land. Production design. Make that exclamation point. animated feature soul adapted screenplay nomad land original screenplay promessi on woman. Best supporting actress usu- on yoon best supporting actor daniel columbia best actress carey mulligan. Best actor chadwick boseman as director chloe's how and best picture sticking my neck out here trial of chicago seven. We'll see how i do. Enjoy the show. Eighties hurtles town. Hey everybody my name is doug and i love monari. This is douglas movies coming to you once again from. Maybe we'll do this show in front of live audiences again soon with another homes alone addition it sunday april twenty fifth twenty twenty one oscar sunday. But we'll probably we'll get into that at all because of the. It's basically weird timing that we're recording this in the afternoon of the oscars and then you're gonna hear it after the oscars over so anything we would say would be speculation. That would also have an answer already. So i also know nothing this year semi it's just like the lucas brothers gonna win is promising. Young woman didn't win anything else. No idea what's happening all right. That's that's great that works out perfectly by guests today are returning champ griffin newman. And the co hosts of. That's messed up podcast. Charac lake and liza traeger. Hey everybody how. I'm a man that he's won before. I'm really gonna shit aren't going anywhere we're getting the ken jennings of the wells movies show jennings. I'm probably the guy who gets beaten by ken. Jennings enough to make it to the ken jennings stage again. That's the that's the thing we've been doing is leading the the prize for winning basically. Is that if you're into it. You can come back onto the next week and griffin was with us for the first time last week's this and so he's a one week champion at this point so i wouldn't call him. I wouldn't call them. Ken jennings but he's definitely he's at least a lot of the had. They've had a lot of those especially recently. I've noticed that the champ to turnover quicker on jeopardy these days. I don't know what that is. I feel like part of it. Is that the contestants You know he. He basically study with alex than you go. And have some you know former football player reading different scott a different pace to it. I just want to. It's at least they're actually three different ups nominated for us this year. I mean four four. Because you have the to. Lucas brothers are nominated for writing judas. Jennifer friedman is nominated for writing borat. Von free is nominated for best short film really. Yeah that's pretty cool on trip. Home is calling. it's called to strangers. And i brought up the holster thing as a way of saying. Let's not talk about the here with talking. Well as a shaded back i actually. I moved into a new apartment in one of my prized possessions is snow globe that says fuck and jennifer gave that to me. So that's kind of cool. I think it's weird. She didn't want it she's like i don't want this. You want this mike. How do you not want a snow globe that says fuck like where's your heart and spirit plus initially. I thought it was a gift to you and she just lucked out that. That's something you would want. No she came to us. Someone gave this to me. I like your spirit is dead. You tell me about cara. Does your first time on this show and i. I know the premise of your podcast. But tell my listeners. About it okay. Yeah so basically lease and i love law and order. Svu and we talk about at epa new episode every week. We don't go in order to kind of bounce around the twenty two seasons and then we talk about the true crime episode was based on and then we interview somebody from the episodes. So we've gotten to talk to some really cool people. So far we have oscar-winner marcia gay harden. We've had her on grammy winner y. Class we've our podcast is about ezek has thought it. I think i guess is at an emmy. Grammy oscar tony but Yes that's the premise. So if you like true crime or long arrest view join us over on the exactly right now arc a were. How long ago did this cirque. The show's been on the air for forever. So what do you do you go back to the beginning or are you talking. Our current episodes. We just jumped around. We just pick our favorite episodes because not every episode is based like super super directly on a true crime so we pick the ones that we think are are good episodes based on the best cross a based on like the most interesting crimes like and we also like apple episodes based on the famous people we want as guests and then we also like to keep the crimes. It's weird to say diverse but we want people to work covering different types of crimes. Not just like blonde women big match for app Old people get murdered two and we'd like to highlight you know we can't away but it's mostly. I'm in sales. That hate their mothers just murdering young women all over the country must like much like in the real world. yes yes And we tell you what episode of watching next week so a lot of people. I just go watch the road there with us for our when we when the episode comes out you know. That's a great system. I loved that i would. That's the kind of show that you know. I tend to see like on marathons. Anyway in the marathons will have a theme. Like it's you know a libya's love life sitara it'd be laying all about ict week on usa

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