Exploring the World of Hygge


Your meditation today. I wanna share with you a little insight into the concept of who. You have a challenge this week. Your challenge is to find someone to who with the word who guy is used interchangeably as a noun as an adjective as a verb. So something can be who gooey. You could do who got you could feel who got in some way well in today's episode. I invite you to consider your challenge to feel hoogly with someone else in the book that mike viking wrote he talks about how when you are in denmark it's important to have a hoogly group and this is a group of friends that you feel like you can let your hair down with. There are no inhibitions. You can simply be fallout yourself. I feel so refreshing to feel this way with a group of people. It's common to get together for an evening and cook and you wouldn't necessarily come over and the dinner would be there waiting for you on the table. It asked to do more with the process so to be hoogly with your friends. You'd wanna get together where everyone was comfortable and relaxed. Maybe wayne your comfort type of clothes that you feel cozy in and you would cook something that took a little time. Maybe a slow cooked stew. And even if stu didn't turn out the best it was still the process that brought you together. It's all about the process when you're being

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