Main Street to your street, the neighborhoods waking up. Good morning, San Antonio's first news


Spike at the border with Mexico. Within the last week about 10,000 immigrants have been caught in just the Rio Grande sector about 2500 of those were the last two days, Congressman Henry Coy Arses were weeks, maybe even days away from a crisis. Represents stretch of Texas border and says immigrants are potentially exposing border communities to the Corona virus. A new study done by the Seine Antonio Food Bank found more than a third of those who have served during the pandemic or either a veteran or family member President Eric Cooper says he's not surprised. One of the industry's that a lot of military spouses go into his hospitality. Those sectors of our economy got hit with coded 19. They can now use this data to better Rita. Actions of San Antonio study done at Syracuse found 40% of active duty military families had issues with food and security during the pandemic. Three people with suspected ties to human smuggling are now in custody. In Bear County Sheriff's deputies cut up with the suspects of late last night as the groups scattered into a South West Side neighborhood.

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