Why Has the US Sanctioned Russian Officials but Not the Saudis?


The. Us treasury department sanctioning russian officials in response to the poisoning the attempted assassination of a russian political leader and dissident alexi navalny ni With novacek. Do you think this is a good idea. I do i do i. It was just unacceptable for the united states to be silent in the wake of russia's most important opposition leader being intentionally poisoned now in prison by putin's government. I mean if we don't lead the global fight to protect democracy and stand up for pro democratic movements in places like russia no one will and what we see is that the forces of despotism are on the march democrat democracies that we took for granted just ten years ago are now slowly sliding away from self determination even in and on the edges of europe and so by standing up to one of the world's most brutal bullies vladimir putin We are also. I think sending a signal to nascent democracy movements and fragile democracies that america is back on the democracy promotion stage so speaking of that. There's a there. Of course. Also the release of the previously classified report about the intelligence communities findings about bin hamad bin salman that he had greenlighted at the very least the operation to capture or kill but those are the words. They're a jamal khashoggi. Newspaper columnist the washington post. The biden administration not doing anything personally. Mohammed bin salman not revoking visa. Travel rights were personal sanctions. Saying the emas recalibration not a rupture. We've been very clear with a saudi. This is an historic partnership. It's lasted for seventy five years. What do you think of that. I mean i think you can sort of connect these two conversations. There's no question that vladimir putin ordered the poisoning of alexei navalny but we didn't announce sanctions on putin today largely because We tend to not levy sanctions on the leaders of countries And i think that is probably part of the rationale for why m b. s. was spared sanctions but i would make this argument on saudi arabia. I frankly think that Nbs weapons matter much more to him than his visa. And so what i would argue is that we should recalibrate. Our security partnership with the saudis. I if they're going to be in the business of chopping up dissidents or targeting them all around the world and we shouldn't be selling them weapons and so. I think the administration is right now. Having debate about what our security partnership looks like and if we make changes to that well. It looked like a personal sanction on. Mvs you'll have a big impact on him and his priorities. Senator chris murphy. Thanks for making time tonight.

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