Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Ending After 19th Season

Daily Pop


Are you guys. Ellen tells the hollywood reporter that are upcoming nineteen season will be her last. She's also opening up against the allegations made against her. She says that it is not twice ending the show but admits it was really hurtful and quote a destroyed. Me honestly f-. I'd be lying if i said it didn't is leaving the right. Move for ellen. Right now i i think so. I feel like after everything that happened. With the show with the producers with people coming out and talking i feel like that's a that's just sort of a cloud that's hanging over that show now and her in particular and i feel like what what her show was. Which was this happy. Everything like people are now like on on by no matter how what happens. I feel like that's kind of always going to be the case from now on and look i love the show. I think she's done a fantastic job. I know twitch like he's you know But yeah i think at this point it's time to just bow out and go

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