A highlight from Wand's Cory Hanson Goes Solo Again, And He'd Rather Not Talk About It

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Hey it's the world cafe. I'm kaleo so this probably won't come as a huge surprise but most musicians became musicians because they love music recording it or performing it but a job unfortunately is never just the parts you love. There's always some stuff that you have to do. That is in so fun and for many musicians. That part of the job is promotion for corey. Hanson of the band want. It became a priority to find his way out of the typical promotional rut when he released his new album. Pale horse rider so he came up with persona a pink faced character. That has a starring role in limited. Hangout a four part video series. That's unlike any music documentary you've ever seen. Today he discusses his unique way of well. Getting around the obligatory press circuit. Corey's album is a beautiful lush record. That would suit driving through the place. He made it the high desert of california. And we've got some spectacular live recordings for you starting off with

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