Capcom Announces Impressive Resident Evil Village Numbers


Capcom. Today announced that news evil village for places she five to she xbox series x as xbox one pc shipped over three million units worldwide. Cumulative shipments of the game in this series now exceed one hundred million units since the first title debuted in one thousand nine hundred six representing the eighth main entry in the series the new resonable villages the sequel the resin evil seven biohazard. Which has gone on to ship a cumulative eight point five million units as of december thirty first twenty twenty years a higher degree of action and even more expansive highly engaging gameplay if that wasn't enough governor christopher drilling over gamesindustrybiz rights resume village has comfortably taken the number one spot in this week. Uk box charts according to the k. Entertainment the horror game is the second biggest box launch of the year behind super mario three d world plus bows fury forty. Nine percent of its sales were on. Ps five thirty one on ps four in twenty percent on xbox. It's the third big five game launch since behind since behind spider. Man miles morales in assassin's creed vol which were released in november last year. It's the second biggest one for boxed xbox series game two behind call black ops cold war it was already number three on the all time xbox series behind call of duty immortals phoenix rising however is not got it has got close to the sales of previous resonable games. Sales are down twenty over twenty five percent compared to the launch resin evil remake and almost forty percent down compared to two thousand seventeen resonable. Seven did sell better than last year's razzie will remake with launched zales seventy six percent higher. Of course this is just physical sales in digital has accelerated significantly over the past eighteen months. Considering the game's popularity steam. It is likely the game has achieved strong results. once the digital data comes in this week. Congratulations tourism

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