The Insta360 Go 2


Three sixty they make cameras in other stuff But the go-to is kind of their go to action cameras to two hundred and ninety nine dollars action camera with surprisingly powerful case And yes it it to explain it simply it looks like an oversized tic tac. Eyeball this article conceals from the verge at twenty six point. Five grams in side of your thumb into three sixties. Latest action camera to go to looks like an over sized tic tac eyeball. It's the second generation in the goal. Line up which is into three sixties only nine three sixty degree camera line where the first generation go left a lot to be desired particularly in the image quality department. The two hundred ninety nine dollars go to comes with a new charging case larger sensor and improved image quality making a strong case for a mobile first action camera. It looks looks pretty pretty interesting here. the most notable changes to this tiny camera come in harbor department ago tooth housing component as a new movable lens cover and less slippery tape plastic housing the case as a more active role in the us with a camera becoming a tripod remote external battery in charger all in one. It is slightly larger than the airpods pro case. It has one fourth inch thread for supporting mounting and a usb port for charging the loan camera can run for thirty minutes on a single charge or one hundred fifty minutes while in the case while the case is not waterproof the go to's camera is ipx eight water resistant for us up to thirteen feet underwater in a box. It also includes three camera mounts being a pivot. Stand a hat brim clip independent for wearing around your neck. All these lots utilize a magnet to keep the go-to attached to them a use. The case is more than just a place to store. The cameras pretty interesting invasion into all of the mounts remotes in other accessories. You have to end up buying the action camera. Really add up. So it's great to see a central features such as a tripod being built in to the cameras hardware. Has you can see here. It actually has little tripod. Standing can sit on as well more important than hardware though is image quality which i know you're wondering about with many smartphone. Cameras producing sharp stabilize. Four k sixty fps video in punchy crisp photos. It's absolutely necessary for dedicated cameras outside of our phones to up the game. Pov ultrawide look of the go-to video unique mounting abilities to create different video enough. That i could see myself carrying the go-to around. In addition to iphone according to the author i simply cannot produce a point of view angle like that to go to on my smartphone camera on the phone. The cameras nine. Megapixel photos are crisp full of contrast in highly saturated without looking unrealistic. But the damage on desktop and it begins to look a little bit grainy Sensors lower megapixel count begins to show but the image is certainly usable. It's not perfect. Good enough although the go-to video resolution maxes out at one hundred and forty four p and fifty fps the hundred and twenty degree field of view in saturated color. Science creates an image far more unique than what you get from a phone's camera. When viewed on a small screen. Bulich sharpens Bright colors in lots of contrast there also impressed with just how true-to-life to footage looked in perfect lighting conditions. But when they brought it over to the large screen or laptop the footage. Did it noisier. Also wish video taken at night. Had less grain and noise d'amato smoothing apply to low light images. Either by now they have a couple of views on it and a definitely impressive. They do have video samples images of those you interested in reading the article because he probably listening to podcasts. Going while zor stuff to take a look. Yup there is So article goes on to explain some more stuff about how to mobile app works Using touch controls on wireless earbuds but it is available today starting at two hundred ninety nine dollars so if you're kind of like mobile first vlogger avid social media user posting to social media accounts and instagram such. It might be an interesting thing to take a look at if you kind of been looking for something To sink your teeth into that kind of while did the job decent enough. But you don't have too much money but at the same time. Take a look. Let me know what you think.

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