Ellen Birkett Morris Explores the Quiet Power of Womanhood in Lost Girls


In today's episode visit with ellen briquet morris author of lost girls short story collection which explores the experiences of women and girls is a confront the challenges and expectations of womanhood. Ginny awful author of whether of speculation last things called this book a dazzling collection stories. The showcases morris as impressive ability had devastating truce was seemingly small moments of. You've lost girls. In the southern review of books said vivid snapshots female struggle march demonstrates the tire women acknowledging one another and themselves in a world where they're continually does managed the woman girls in these stories. Hold the antidote to their own erasure and in turn give it to us on the way can prevent each other from becoming loss girls l. Welcome to the show. Hello good glad to be here. And you're coming to us. All the way from louisville kentucky kentucky well s the magic of remote podcasting right we can. We can stretch. Stretch our podcast around round the catching around the world here. So congratulations on the book. Oh thank you very much. yeah it's A nice collection of stories. I enjoyed reading reading the book and I want to start out with this Quote that. I just read in the opening that these stories how devastating truce was seemingly within seemingly small moments and Did you have that in mind when you started writing these stories or is that a thing that just sort of when you got the oh. Yeah okay. I'll see that now didn't didn't necessarily have it in my. Although i think i recognize it from works of literature that i've read you know i'm a big fan of the work of the writer. Lee martin and lee martin does that. He focuses on ordinary people and ordinary moments. That become waited with. Meaning you know In terms of the way he constructs the story sent so Though it wasn't a goal. I was really pleased to see that. That's how she read it. And this idea of truth surfaces another author of us to lasting truce to reside in the familiar And two other author your said you can step back. And behold the world and make unexpected discoveries As your any stories riding them in different points of view your audience and First person third person But you are the author of these stories. What did you Step back behold into this work when you get through you know. I it story my story there were revelations so in each story. I had a moment when i finished it when i thought oh. Wow that's where we ended up. You know that sort of surprise that you can that can happen in the in the course of the creative process and then you know with the collection itself at bishop. Early developed a collection and had a meal photographer from boston. Traveling through the south and it was all about him in his life and for some reason Folks that were reading it. They liked him okay. They weren't super excited about it. It occurred to me that the women in the stories not him were the most interesting part of the stories and then there was a point in our culture where people were really turning their attention to the experiences of women at through that metoo movement and it occurred to me that i had a whole bundle of stories that really featured women and so i went back toned down the photographer character in some cases elevated some of the other characters and found that when i had was a cohesive collection that simply centered on the experiences of women and girls and that in itself was really a revelation. I had you know. I didn't really know that. I had that many stories. That would hang together in quite that way. But i was really delighted to find that they did and Have felt really confirmed as readers as a whole sort of a collection. That's that's cohesive and and pulled together based on those themes yourself your woman you grown up. You experienced These moments where you are not as interesting and they interfere with what what women are trying to do. Were there any stories in this collection that Maybe were more personal to you than that other. Well you know there are a couple of them that really resonate with me Like miss not being a ballerina as about of kind of lonely little girl. At who's best friend's mother is getting ready to undergo cancer treatment. And you know. I remember being a kid and i remember having a best friend and how central and passionate those relationships can be and And and that idea that if happens to your parents at sort of up engineer world And so i feel. I feel very tenderly towards that one. The other story that that really The that stays with me. And and i wrote it kind of straight as as a sad story but people read it really a satire and ad i read it to groups and they laugh at it is the story religion about the The lonely thirty year old woman. Who goes to she thinks. She's going to a day coupons class and she had step in a breastfeed irs lake meeting. And you know it's a it's a story about really not being seen in. It's a story about being desperately lonely and you know. I just remember points in my when i felt that way and didn't feel a part of a group or one badly to be a part of a group and you know that's really what drives her. Those are her motivators. She wants so badly to be accepted that she fabricates the idea that she has this child. And she pursues this goal of breastfeeding. So again i wrote it straight but people it is funny. It's really not

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