Outdoor dining in Boston’s North End to begin April 1


Next week for the north end when we could kick off outdoor dining in one of Boston's most famous neighborhoods. However, that has been put on hold as we're learning this morning from WBC's James RoHaas, who has more on that joining us live from the north end. Good morning, James. Yeah, good morning, So the excitement for outdoor dining in the north and was short lived at the Boston Licensing board says Eating and drinking curbside in the neighborhood is pushed back a little more than a week to April 1st, and that's no joke. The news comes just days after the mayor said the outdoor dining schedule was being bumped up to next Monday. The 22nd that's still happening for the rest of the city, pending weather conditions, but the North and is waiting longer because of its high density and its impact on the community. Now restaurants that do want to have outdoor dining. They still need to apply for a license. In

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