Jodi Cohen Using Essential Oils To Heal Brain Fog and Body


Another podcast that i actually spoke to his electrical beverly coon. That's done quads. Lots of work on emotional maps in similar type work with russian technology. That's actually found ways of measuring these wise in the reaction so it there's an interesting but of correlation between the two. I'd be interested to see what you think of hill works all to put you in contact with maybe have a discussion with nc. How much the the information college what you can actually find out that could be. You could say correlating between the the two areas. Nothing it'll be an interesting discussion few camera. I am sure it's one of those. Things is a strange thing to pull him. But michael jackson used to say that you know when he got a download of a song he'd read it so the princeton. It's this idea that there are certain information that's accessible to everyone but we forget to look at it. We get so tuned into our five senses that we forget we also very intuitive beings. The other thing. I wanted to explore with. You is that yet. How much decent Plays a role in that or vassal. You could say system within the body because this a overreliance on nerve signaling which will discuss the little bit light run with But i'd like to hear your inputs about fassino. And how much muscle testing actually are the connection that uses that signaling mechanism because of this some researchers reading up about that fast yet at can actually act as a signaling mechanism. It's a lot faster than denotes. Because it's mostly relying on water in this. Signaling is obviously la forces for water than through physical media. So how much of that have you looked into have you. That's one hundred percent sure that actually gets to the fourth phase of water. Jerry pollock is a researcher at the university of washington. Part of the problem of our health. Is that our water is signaling as well at our. Our water is dead. Water like ideally Metal pipes the problem. Is you know the water's going through the pipes in the water. That's flowing at the outside of the pipe. Slows down into the water in the middle is flowing faster so kind of splits. The water like living water water in streams or brooks anything. That's moving and flowing is really healthy and that kind of plays into the show. Yeah you're absolutely right. It's deeper than i. Don't actually think. I think essentials are really good for certain things and i think other things are better. I think structured waters actually Better for the last year. I think oils are so. I haven't done a deep dive in my own research. But you're one hundred percent right. It's an interesting area. Might do some more reading up on that site. They believe glyphosate interrupts fascist signaling. There's a woman. A researcher named stephanie sent off. Who's done a lot of good research on that. I would start with her and then my friend. Dr christine softener also talks a lot about fashion and the role. It plays just in kind of healthy cellular communication well. That'll be an interesting area that i'll look into as well coming back to the essential oils. So you started testing on. Obviously a gift and you started testing. you'll need was to regulate to basically get to a balanced system. So how did you start looking into the link between the essential oils and the vagus nerve had known about the vegas nerve. I'm i'm a yoga girl and i Pretty much talk about the vegas nerve. In all of yoga and the paris of the fedex st and how would just for the listeners. That don't know the vegas nerve. A start with the autonomic nervous system which is basically controlling all of your automatic functions on namic automatic. You know breathing. Your heart beating your digestion. Your toxic occasion your immune system. You don't have to consciously think immune system turn on you know it doesn't automatically and your autonomic nervous system has chew gears it has kind of the accelerator which is if there's danger it shifts resources to keep you alive. That is called years sympathetic. Kreider flight nervous system and the resources it shifts. Is you know your energy. So your blood flow your oxygen your heartbeat faster your breathing intensifies and your blood pumps to your muscles in your arms and your legs so that you can either fighter fleet and it pumps away from your organs of digestion and detoxification and then ideally the danger passes and you switch lanes in to the parasitic pathetic break rest digestion hill lane. It is your vegas nerve cranial nerve number ten. That is a toggle between these two systems. And it's not that one turns often one turns on. It's more that one is prioritized right. Like if you're driving in a car and you're on the gas you can still break. The break isn't not working. You're just focusing on the gas at the time. And so the vegas nerve can help you shift gears. And it starts to the back of the had kind of goes behind the ears on both sides and then winds through every organ digestion and nervous them it sends signals between those oregon's and your brain. It's kind of the information highway between your gut and your brain your gut brain access. And what's fascinating. Is that activating any point. You know that the vegas nerve touches like the breathing breathing is a really easy way to on if you make your ex hair longer than you're in hell you activate your vegas nerve but people for whatever reason is easy as breathing as it was very hard to get compliance most people in order to heal. You have to be in the right

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