12 Strategies to Stop Toxic People from Driving You Nuts! (Part 2) - burst 5


Just all these big life-changing type things people go through massive amount of stress, but some of the things that cause people the most stress or anything to do with big financial decisions, which by the way is the reason that Realtors at least good ones will always have jobs because people are always going to want someone to help them through the process and stock and just be some money located in Seattle or whatever. It's going to be a real worthy skilled real estate agent that's going to basically be helping them through that process. So along those lines when you're actually you know, thinking about whether they need to be relevant or not going forward. That's essentially the assurance that you won't ever have anything to worry about. So keeping yourself to the point where you know, you are going to be the agent that people are going to use So that was Point number 10 West Point number. I thought I was just reading it. Yep. Well, so let me finish that out. It is the biggest most serious transaction. Most people have ever done the tendency is to freak out and come unglued to become a meditative calm Buddha be there for your clients. Even if they're driving you crazy. They're stressed have some compassion. You don't know what else is happening in their life, right? Somebody sit on clubhouse this morning, you know, he's somebody that back door knocks and and calls that he has realized that he's got to hear a certain amount of nose before he hears it. Yes, and that the same person that was a little grumpy with him today if he calls him tomorrow could be completely fine. It's just today maybe his pet hamster died, you know, you don't know what's going on in people's lives. I remember that he I forget what his little saying was but you know, essentially it's never know and this is what you tell yourself in your mind, right? It's not it's not no, it's just no not right now. That's all it is. So if you hear the word, no, it's not, you know straight up know and and try not to take a personal. I know as you're getting more efficient at being a proactively generate birth. I know it feels personal and by the way, it always feel slightly personal and that's okay if it feels slightly personal cuz then it'll cause you to be introspective and get better at your craft. But just remind yourself. It's never really know. It's just no not right now. And here's a little funny fact to as you're essentially learning to be proactively generator and you call let's say for example in all of you who have been proactively lead generating for a while, you know this you may have called a month old expired and then a month later, you know, where the first month they told you absolutely not not interested in selling it we're going to keep it forever and then maybe a month later and they said, you know, you say well cut I'll give you a call back sometime in the future were checking with you and they say fine and then you call them back later. They don't even remember they talked to you the first time. So that just goes to show that it's absolutely not personal people are just you know, going through life and worrying about what's next on their agenda is not necessary worrying about your feelings and your emotions. But here's the thing. I was trying to the point. I was trying to make before the whole toxic people thing. What week sales people do is they'll then start blaming the customer for years. Essentially acting irrational whereas the reality of it is is what's causing you the agent stress is your inability to deal with a customer as they're acting irrational acting irrational is the customers and title. They're allowed to act a little quote unquote toxic. But what you're now allowed to do is basically right that person off because of the fact that you don't have the at the skillset mentally and emotionally and psychologically frankly to deal with that person stress. It's part of the job is dealing with their stress. So if you find yourself only attracting,

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