Jeff Firewalker - Wisdom from a Musician and Medicine Man



My guest is the amazing. Jeff fire walker schmidt and he is capable in like every single domain. It's extraordinary by the age of fifteen. He was running a research lab with a famous scientist. His now noted lecture and scientists in his a phd from oxford. He's also a chinese martial arts expert. He practices peruvian folk medicine in his one. Half of the brand new band saint disruption which is a new album dropping very weak. He and his notable band partner. John modesto from the legendary modesto martin and would met in a chance encounter in the amazon jungle. Her going to hear about some of those encounters in the amazon region. Here some of the wisdom that jeff brings from spirit to science and science to spirit and sample some the music that he's creating and why it's meaningful for this time. Welcome geoff so nice to be with you today. It is delightful to be with you. I'm excited to dive into your brain and your experiences for me to. Let's get going awesome. I know that you are a medicine man. And that is a rare title for a white man in the united states to have. Can you tell us a little bit about being a medicine man and what it means to you and how you got there absolutely well. First and foremost. I think that by way of perspective. It is something that one would never choose for themselves. It came to me as a complete left. Turn in my life and a complete surprise and actually an opportunity that i resisted on the personality and ego level. For some time. I knew enough to know that it would not be an easy path and i also came to realize that if i were to respond to the call of spirit in a good way that i would have much more of a chance of leading healthy happy life so i as many people do when they get the call i jumped and i very much enjoyed for many years and still do the right teachers showing up at the right

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