Sophie Turner REACTS to Taylor Swift's Song Seemingly About Joe Jonas

Ace and TJ


So taylor swift's re recorded album fearless. Taylor's version comes out tomorrow. Contains over twenty tracks. There are a few previously unreleased tracks that she re recorded for the album as well one of those she released yesterday. It's called mr perfectly fine which everyone assumed is about joe. Jonas as they had broken up around the time this album was being produced. Joe began trending which is probably quite a surprise to him This little piece of mr perfectly fine always everything that is a classic taylor swift sound solve absolutely really well dug the yeah you. Yes that's because you can't hold on. Oh stop it is well. That's it is. I mean i'm not saying it's not good. It's poppy is good. But that's because she can't hold a note when you taylor swift dax the sound that i think absolutely hate us what you think it sounds like. You can't tell you the best part joe. Jonas is now married to sophie turner. Yeah sophie turner posted the song on her instagram story. And says it's not not a bob. So she then sophie turner played Science sansa stark. In game of thrones so taylor swift riposte that story and says i will forever been the need to the queen of the north so it was like the best interaction on social media. That's really cool. That's very cool.

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