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Part of the reason why don't wanna work as much is sometimes because i have a never ending to do list in the back of my brain so let's talk about that today. What do you do with that to do list. It's not only sitting in the back of your brain but maybe it's also capturing dust on a big piece of paper or no pad in your in your desk on your desk or in your office. Let's talk about what to do with it and something better that you can do with it to actually get things done and feel less overwhelmed so you can enjoy that springtime air and actually get outside and play in the sun before we jump into today's episode fully. This is your message and reminder if you have already to go grab your copy of the daily productivity and brain dump book. This is going to help you so much in capturing all of your ideas and thoughts and clearing up mental energy in your mind and brain so you can truly get things done every day in your life and business you can find your copy by going to mindful productivity blog dot com forward slash be db for brain numb book. And if you're one of those people that likes things instantly and you have an ipad or a tablet that you love for planning. It's also now offered as a digital planner so go have added. Get your copy. Because by the end of today's episode you will definitely want to be doing up random in this episode. I'm not going to be telling you to never do a to do list again. That would be absolute madness because making lists is important. And i'm a big fan of list making and like we talked about at. The beginning of this episode to do lists are really simple. There are great way to capture ideas and action steps but if we don't use them effectively and we end up using them the wrong way they can actually create a lot more stress and overwhelm in our lives to do list items also and creating more work for a sometimes because they give the appearance of an actionable task when many of them are actually either one of the following there. Either one a project in disguise that is comprised of hundreds of sub tasks or to a task dependency that requires something before it can even be started such as more information decisions that you might need to make or an action step from another person or team member so i actually no longer work from to do this. And here is why to this or captured lists of your brain processing information. So ideas priorities action items but to do list. Don't give you the structure you need to take action efficiently and effectively in many ways to list actually stall your momentum and keep you from getting anything done. Or they perpetuate work from scattered and disorganized place where you may find yourself task switching from one thing to the next without knowing what direction your going with war. What or where you're going to end up now before you think. I'm saying to never used to do this. Which i'm not. Let me share a press perspective shift with you. That's gonna show you what to do. This actually are and how many of us may have been using them the wrong way for quite some time so to do lists aren't actually what you should be working from. They are what you should be using to capture your brain your ideas your thought processes your action steps so don't work from them use them to capture things to do. This are essentially a form of a brain dump and they are a powerful tool. But they aren't what you should be using to take action so think of it this way. You're cooking a famous spaghetti. Dinner and the pasta is ready. And you grab a big bowl and pour in the noodles. Had some sauce to keep them from sticking together. I went years without knowing that trick and then ask all of your guests. The following question who wants to eat from the bowl. I everyone would be like wait what you would never serve spaghetti this way. Your gas would likely want their own plates and even if they did agree how would you decide who goes first how much everyone can eat and for how long before they have to pass the bowl. This is how it feels to work from a to do list. You have a giant page of items and you just start taking action without knowing how much time you have what to work on. I which tasks are the most important in when you can feel like you've made some real progress. I know some of you may be saying will. This actually works fine for me. Sarah i just start working my way down the list and bada boom bada bing. I get things done. I'm sure that does work. But at what cost. And here's what i mean. Working this way takes a lot more mental energy and requires more decision making as you go and if you're anything like me the more decisions you have to make as you're working the quicker your mental capacity and energy is going to dwindle because you're taking up valuable brain power and making it harder to focus if you run your business this way. You're likely going to feel drained by two pm most days and you're going to wonder why it's so hard to keep the momentum with your goals how to properly use a to do list the efficient and effective way. Let me tell you instead of dumping all of your ideas and actions into one big list and then plowing through it immediately. I want you to take time to expand your to do list with a proper brain dump. Your to do list is likely already. It's the brain dump parameters right. Things like unfinished ideas random thoughts. Incomplete decision's broader project goals and things that need to be fine tuned anyway. And i talk more about ways to do ineffective brain dump in a couple of episodes of the podcast and over on the blog. Specifically you can go. Listen to episode fifty seven where i talk about the four step process to to map out your day for optimum productivity and if you'd like something a little more hands on episode one thirty eight literally walks you through a guided brain dump step by step with time right in the podcast where you can pause and do your brain dumps all link those below if you want to know where to get started but i wanted to keep listening to this podcast episode because i want to dive a little bit deeper into how to use these effectively so again a to do list is a lot more like a parking lot and not an action highway. So what kind of tool should you use to work from. Well allow me to introduce you to focus. Projects come on into the room. Vocal projects focused projects are targeted. Work sprints designed to help you map out details and objectives of your next business goal so that you can build momentum and take action quickly to get more done in your biz. Without burning out. This is a game changer. Focused projects also eliminate endless to do less fatigue by breaking down. Your project goals in two phases. That help you know what. When and where to complete specific target tasks and action steps effective focused projects also include scheduled and implemented break times pauses and reflections to help you stay focused energized and maintain your mental energy as you go. This is really important. And i want to pause here for a second because many times we will break down. Focus project or goal or an action. Step that we're working on and we don't think about when will take breaks. I'm going to do this thing. But i'm not gonna schedule in break time. I'm not gonna schedule. And maybe a day off after a launch right. Or i'm not going to make sure that maybe i like. Maybe actually want schedule in a nap. Our time to just go lay down for a minute and unplug or get off my phone after working with a client or after doing xyz focus projects bring that piece in and it makes it so much more sustainable for you to continue to take consistent and efficient act

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