A highlight from 138: Crisis Will Force You To Grow - with Jon Acuff


Did you know coach. I am in fact a coach. I am coaching on an amazing platform called growth day and every single month first tuesday of the month i am going live to a community of like minded people who are reaching for a better version of themselves but the beautiful thing about growth day is. It's kind of like masterclass in that. Not only when you sign up for this membership to my coaching each month then the community that comes with it. You also get access to eleven other unbelievable coaches like brennan brochard giannakou cheater. Jamie kern lima. David bach mel robbins and a host of others. That every tuesday and thursday are going live having a conversation about a topic in a month you have access forever and ever to the replays of every month conversations and this coming month in april we are all talking about health and wellness such important foundational piece how you become the version of who hope to become so i would encourage you take a look at growth day growth day dot com forward slash. Hollis is where you can jump into amazing community and have yourself surrounded by not just amazing people who have similar goals similar values similar reaching for growth ambitions but also some of the best coaches on the planet who are interested in pouring into you so that you might become the best version of yourself. There's an opportunity to jump in for the entire year or there's also an opportunity to just by a month so if you want to try and sample what it feels like to be inside of a community like this for just forty nine bucks jump in and see how the health and wellness month from these twelve. Amazing coaches ends up feeling for you again. It's growth day dot com forward slash. Hollis i hope to see you there ladies and gentlemen we have a very special guest day. I'm excited to have a conversation with longtime friend. First time together in environment like this john e cuff is here is new york times. Bestselling author motivational speaker. Is the author of six books. Finish do over. Start quitter and stuff christians like. He's here today in part because he's got a new book coming out called soundtracks that is now available for preorder and will be released in april of this year. He's a fantastic speaker. Where in front of hundreds of thousands of humans. He has motivated them with his unique blend of humor. Honesty and hope he is also currently spearheading is youtube channel revamp in launch. That includes a new podcast called. All it takes is a goal. Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome to the rise together. Podcast john if we all pushed ourselves to have candid conversations with people who didn't look like us think like us or live like us. I'm dave hollis and i'm on a mission to learn more about this world by meeting more of the people who live here. You may not always agree with everything you hear. But i guarantee you'll come away more informed on topics you might never have thought to seek out before. This isn't just a podcast. It's a community and when we raise each other up we all rise together gone. That was a great interest. That was i like a lower barred eighth. I'm going to be honest with you. I like a real low bar where somebody goes. He's already owns a lot of sweaters. He's got a pretty simple look. That will make you feel comfortable and accessible. And then i step over that bar. That was a great end. That would bizzare my words though. I don't even know where. I found those words for people who aren't familiar with few the work that you do the y you have for bringing your light to this world. Your own words. Tell us a listeners. A little bit about who you are on wire here. Yeah i would say i'm a nerd. I think that a goal is the fastest path. Which where you are today and where you wanna be tomorrow. And we don't have a convention like comecon but if we did magin there'd be a lot of people in the gym for him drinking enough water running their miles but yes. I'm a big believer in the ability for somebody to change their life I've experienced it myself my own life. And i've had a front row seat to a lot of life change. My job's amazing. In that i get to see people change their life. And so that's what i like to do. I live outside of nashville tennessee with my wife and two teenage daughters. and so. that's kind of a quick snippet. I write books in. I go speak at companies about those books. That's what i do all year in a normal year. One of those got put on pause last year. And so yeah. I'm like a lot of people that are probably listening. I've i've had to pivot in some creative ways haven't we all. It's been an interesting year. I think there's actually hopefully going to be some things that we learned to do. In the pivot that actually ended up sticking with us as a new normal ends up returning. Is there anything in your world.

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