Make Your Podcast Better with Elzie Flenard


We're talking all about podcasts. And my guest is elsie flint. Hard and he is here to help us. he has. This amazing company called podcast town and he is a phenomenal podcast producers. So l z. Thank you so much for being on. The show tells a little bit more about you. And how did you get started in this podcast world. Well first of all thank you so much for having me anytime. I get the unity talk and people actually listen. I'm all excited. So thank you so much for the opportunity. A little bit about me. I've been in office for about seventeen years both in music and the spoken word and long story short. I founded podcast town. Because i wanted to other people get their voice out there get their message out there and so our our vision is to create a town where every voice is heard in. That's what we do. We help people's voices get heard and for you know for those listeners. Out there you might have picked up on my whole flight team will els. Got the whole podcast counting. He is the mayor of podcast town. And i just love it i love. I love a good theme. Now i gotta tell you l z. I audio is not my thing like visual. I can look at a photograph. And i can tell you what's good about it. What's not good about it. i've got a background in photography As well as a degree in psychology but audio. Like i can remember when my husband brought these gold cables or cords or something in for our tv. And he's like oh it's going to really dramatically improve the sound and my son was sitting there and he was like listening in his like night and day difference. I didn't hear one iota of change. I don't get it i. I don't know why you spend all this money on these gold cable fema jigs and so audio is not my thing and that's why i think. Sometimes we as entrepreneurs rely on other sports that are out

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