Does Aaron Rodgers Want to Be the Permanent Host of 'Jeopardy!'?


Course, is the reigning M v P of the NFL, a Green Bay Packer and we should note a former winner of celebrity jeopardy. He's hosting this week and next. As the quiz show looks for a successor for the late Alex Trebek. Erin was great to keep prepared so intensely. That it was really a joy to watch. Mike Richards is the executive producer of Jeopardy. Fans will recall. He also guest hosted the program recently. And although they could be angling for the same job, Richard says there was no sense of competition potentially on the golf course There might be some competition. But you know my job is to make everyone who comes onto that set. As great as they can be, he says. You'll see Aaron Rodgers get better during his guest run. The quarterback already showed Grace under pressure when a contestant took the chance to poke fun at the Packers strategy in the NFC Championship game, Scott You come up the correct response who wanted to kick that field goal That is a great question should be should be correct. But unfortunately for this game today, that's incorrect. Well, the competition is intensifying because this week the actor Levar Burton of Star Trek and reading Rainbow. And roots, among other things, said he wants to host jeopardy to Mike Richards would not say whether burden is on the list, but did confirm they've talked

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