A highlight from Ep 238: Lisa Lampanelli (Comedy Central Roasts, FX's Hysterical)


You think that's okay. Yeah this is really good. The balanced from the right or from the light from the right and the left is just gleaming. Okay so it's perfect. Cow are a cool. So you're in phoenix. I am yes. I'm in phoenix and You're in connecticut right now or living. In connecticut i just did Con romanoff this is my fourth podcast today and literally such a bad ass. That it doesn't mean bob the up because i'm like i just the only uncomfortable doing is talking like i do nothing but talk. I don't have pottery. I don't have embroidery. I don't have woodworking. But i can dog. What's good. Oh man it. You know what it's great and i feel like i have that gift as well. I love talking. My wife doesn't love listening as much as i love talking but problem. This is why you gotta live alone or with two little dogs because they have no fucking joist. I have to say too. I have two cats and the conversations with them have grown into like full form sentences and conversation since the pandemic started so like. I enjoyed other than the death star of the pandemic. I really enjoyed it. I i love staying home. I love being with only animals at like. Okay now it's gonna get back and it's gonna get real ocean gotta go to phoenix on a plane. Why is this going to be your first time on a plane since handy and i'm not worried at all like i just don't wanna go anywhere. I literally want to stay at home in my house in livestream and actually got not as an livestream. I just wanna sit is sitting. Okay i agree with you. I like sitting here and not have now. I'm getting the invitations for the baby. Showers and weddings. Atta get knocked up. So they have a beijing. They have a lotta nerve. Everybody's spreading their legs while not me inviting anyone anywhere. Podcasts are the perfect contraceptives. I feel it's Hundred new stickman in this one. Exactly what i tell my wife. I'm a podcast. Or she's like up all dry down here. I'm i'm done you know it's so funny because these two guys who i kind of mentor was like i really think. They're a good match for podcasts. 'cause they're straight guys but they're very sensitive but then remember look like they would be so unlike you know. This is a really good podcasts. Idea and saddam going up where the helming phoenix. Next week. i'm going to take two episodes in one day. I have to tell you what to do. So that's why we did to today. I was just like okay now. I'm tired but we're kind freeing the magic for your podcast because that's what counts right now. Oh beautiful and by the way not to be creepy. But just ask the two folks. Is that bo. And nick scopes yeah. They're great had no they are. I have a so. I haven't had the chance to meet bo yet. But i had nick and greg from the manjaca dialogues on my podcast. A while back and And they were great and nick. I listened actually trying to do my research to that episode that you are on and then i've also seen the clips of the was losers with a dream that they have going on so they're launching next week. Because i had said we we're trying to come up with an idea for title because titles as you now are the hardest things in books comedy specials. Whatever i always had a hard time and at one point were sitting in a diner. We're gonna have the detectives effective 'cause a flawed guys. You're just a couple of losers with the dream. Which is what i used to say about all out all the rows so i was like just us that that's fine so we decided to use that though i love it. That's beautiful that's a great name and The clips that. I've seen have been really good to including the one where you show them how to do a proper pro. I mean how did not know that. That's why they need may. It's so funny. Because i was saying to my niece how you know i really am kinda mostly retired. How i don't have hobbies though. Like what should i do. And she's like wait a minute like you're mentoring. Those two guys you help this other comic with his joke writing Have dogs you declutter you. Organize like there's a lot you do that. You don't count as hobbies because they don't look conventional so i think that's a good lesson is like oh yeah i do You know. it's really interesting. Because i just started counseling while receiving counseling and i was talking with my counselor and he was like you should try instead of like a to do list. You should also do like. I have done list because you don't realize how much you do until you kind of write it down. And that's more like the micro level but like a day but it makes of sense because we and we also downplay play all our accomplishments you know and we also are like but when i mean let it. I really accomplish in life. And when you're me you do have an actual list. They go through and go like i did. Do this radio city. I did do car and you. All i did do these specials. It's funny i'm nothing really makes you feel like you're done yet meaning like you. Nothing was a pinnacle. And then okay. Now i can just sit and read a book. I don't have to accomplish anymore. I don't have to write any anymore. Lists of like to like bucket. Lead what i can go. Oh all right. I

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