Massive cargo ship becomes wedged, blocks Egypt's Suez Canal


A massive cargo ship is blocking the narrow Suez Canal waterway that carries about ten percent of world trade officials say tugboats restraining to free a skyscraper sized container ship that became wedged across Egypt's Suez Canal and blocked to traffic in the vital waterway the M. B. ever given carries cargo between Asia and Europe images show the ship's about touching the eastern wall of the Suez Canal well it stern was lodged against the western wall she's longer than the canal is wide and and so she's jammed in there pretty good cellmark Adriana is a former merchant mariner and an associate professor of history at Campbell university so right now that's those are piling up in port Suez in the southern and imports I eat in the northern end it wasn't clear what caused the accident evergreen marine corporation that runs the ship said in a statement that had been overcome by strong winds as it entered the canal from the Red Sea I'm Jennifer king

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