5 indicted in series of connected slayings across Cincinnati


Announcing today that five people, including a 14, year old boy have been indicted in connection to a serious of killings across the Cincinnati area that are linked. Four people have been killed, three others wounded over a 19 day period. 21 year old Carl Godfrey 18 28 year old Jason Gray 30 year old Mario Gordon, 49, year old Thanh and ABN it and the 14 year old all being charged with aggravated murder, murder, Felonious assault in additional charges. Not recorded in an ABN it are being held at the county Justice Center. The teen is that the juvenile detention center grave, was arrested in Mississippi and will be extradited back to Hamilton County. The string of killings happening between January 21st in February 18th in Hamilton County most happening in Cincinnati. For 2000 to cover 19

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