Myanmar's Ambassador to the U.K. Locked Out of London Embassy


Myanmar's ambassador to London says he's been locked out of the country's embassy His deputy reportedly has been taken has taken over the embassy in behalf of Myanmar's ruling military junta. NPR's Frank Langfitt has the story from London Quads are men stood outside the embassy in London's wealthy Mayfair section, unable to access the building amid a small crowd of protesters and Bridget police officers. I've been locked out, he told Reuters. It's kind of a coup in the middle of London. You can see that they occupy my building since the military staged a coup in February. The ambassador has broken with the ruling junta, who called for the release of detained civilian leader on Sans Souci. On this day, troops in Myanmar opened fire on pro democracy protesters, local media reports They killed at least 15 people and wounded dozens. Activists say that about 600 civilians have died at the hands of security forces

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