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Hello and welcome back to canaan q. And if you are new here welcome. My name's billy evan. I'm your host and on kinda cute. We discussed articles from the cut and might general pop. Culture musings awraz and hsien. I don't know if it's morning for you guys but this is another time where i'm recording at seven thirteen. Am and i just wanted to greet you with a little kylie jenner rise and shine in case you forgot about that. I dressed up as kylie jenner in the rise and shine video. I got a black dress and i put little fell. Chanels sees all over it for this past halloween. No whoa not this past halloween halloween before that. The last halloween where you could actually like dress up and go out and a girl at the bar was like the only person who has like. Are you the rise in shine video and was like and it was the proudest moment of my night. I just need to share that story with you guys also to start out with a little morning affirmation if you will i had to share this tweet and it was a a re tweet by mariah carey and she re tweet re tweeted the cut saying despite being eternally twelve years old mariah carey got her first round of the corona vaccine corona virus vaccine over the weekend and she re tweeted that and said this article is the best thing ever written and i think it was referring to her being to attorney twelve years old so that brought me a lot of joy. I got my vaccine on monday. And i am so happy to have gotten it. I got the one shot. One the johnson and johnson one and i'm not saying this to deter anyone forgetting. I think everyone should get it. I would get a million times over. But guys i felt like shit like i had the chills. I had joint pain. I've never even known what joint pain felt like this. I had muscle aches. I couldn't sleep all night. And then i had to go to work the next day and luckily i was like i have to work from home but the whole day was a struggle and i feel like the biggest one went because everyone else in my family. Like has got the vaccine. And i'm the only struggled that much. And i like to think it's because my immune system just really really a pop in. I'm telling myself that to make me feel like not such a little wind. My arm also bruised up really badly. It's still so. I don't know i don't know why not on my ass so much but it did all right into a little pop culture news. I read the best news yesterday. Who is coming out with a three part series on von dutch hats. You know the vibe. We talked about on early episodes a lot. About how for better or worse. We'd knew vonda shots were back win. Emma chamberlain started wearing them. Emma chamberlain influence surgeons z. Queen so this three part documentary is from the same people who did the. This is paris documentary. It was the perez hilton youtube documentary. Which i lapped up like the thirsty a little girl that i am and this is from deadline article that got this information. It says the series chronicles the true story behind the rise and fall of the iconic to thousands brand in this character driven saga venice. Beach surfers gangsters european fashion. He says in. Hollywood movers and shakers all vie for control of the infamous brand pushing it from obscurity to one of the most recognizable labels on earth after a decade of backstabbing greed and bloodshed.

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