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We're under the age of five, police said. Initial reports suggested they had been stabbed to death, but an official cause of death has not been released. Investigators are still working to determine a motive. Plus police are investigating a shooting that involved to police deputies in Utah. One of the deputies who was shot in the eye is in critical condition. The other deputy shot was hit in the face. He is in stable condition. This is all unfolding near the Salt Lake County metro jail parking lot in South Salt Lake Sheriff Rosie Rivera confirmed the suspect was eventually Shot and killed, but they haven't identified the shooter. Investigators say the two deputies shot were part of a campus security team. What remains unclear is what led to the shooting or what possible motive was for the incident share for very eas hoping and praying that her deputies will be OK, calling the environment for law enforcement. Extremely dangerous. Right now, Fox's Jeff Paul reporting and the major spike in crime in Portland, Oregon, the city's on pace to shatter the old time murder record. There's already been 25 homicides. 288 confirmed shootings and 92 gunfire injuries this year. Violent crime wave follows months of unrest and de funding of the police department was stripped of $15 Million.84 officers, 115 have quit since July, putting it down nearly 20% from a year ago and there's a hiring freeze. Mayor Ted Wheeler and several black pastors called for more money for the police. But the City Council has taken a different approach this week and approve millions of Dollars

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